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Graduation documents

A full complimentary Academic Transcript, Award Certificate and Graduation Statement (if your award has been conferred on or after 1 November 2010) will be given to all graduating students following the conferral of their degree by Council. The conferral date and the award number will appear on the documentation from this date - any transcript obtained prior to conferral will not contain this information.

Graduates can choose to receive these documents at their Graduation Ceremony, or they can choose to have these documents mailed to them or collected in person from the Graduations Office.

Award Certificate

An Award Certificate - also known as a Testamur - is the official University certificate bearing the Curtin graduation seal conferred by Council, which confirms the completion of an award course of study.

Academic Transcript

An Academic Transcript is the official University record of a your results and is printed on official University transcript paper.

Graduation Statement

The Graduation Statement is a Commonwealth initiative that has been introduced to make Australian qualifications more portable and their value more transparent. The Graduation Statement describes a higher education qualification in an easily understandable way, relating it to the system in which it was issued and describing qualifications in a clear and consistent way to potential employers and other higher education institutions. The design of the Curtin Graduation Statement is based on nationally agreed specifications approved by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

Curtin students who have their award conferred on or after 1 November 2010 will receive a free complimentary Graduation Statement when receiving their award. Graduates who completed their studies prior to 1 November 2010 will not be eligible to receive a Graduation Statement.

The Graduation Statement is an official document provided to graduates by awarding institutions in addition to their award certificate. As well as details of the content and assessment of the course leading to the award, it contains further information about the course, the award, the institution and the Australian Higher Education system. The Graduation Statement also includes a section on special achievements of the graduate, which include official scholarships and prizes. This provides other institutions and potential employers with a broader understanding of the achievements of the graduate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to academic results, the Graduation Statement includes details of the award itself, the awarding institution, a description of the Australian higher education system and merit-based scholarships (conditions apply).

Eligible graduates will receive their Graduation Statement with their complementary Academic Transcript.

No, awards conferred (awarded) prior to 1 November 2010 are not eligible for a Graduation Statement.

An Academic Transcript can be issued at any time during the course and records academic history as a student progresses. Students do not need to have had an award conferred to receive an Academic Transcript. The Graduation Statement contains additional details about the nature of the award and also shows any approved special achievements that may have been awarded, such as approved scholarships.

Curtin University does not currently provide a GPA to its students or graduates. A GPA will not appear on the Graduation Statement. The Course Weighted Average, as currently displayed on the Academic Transcript, will be displayed on the Graduation Statement.

The Graduation Statement is produced using a specified format, approved by the University, which meets the guidelines set out by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). It is not possible to have individual achievements added to or removed from the Graduation Statement unless they have been approved by Curtin as meeting the guidelines, such as formal merit-based scholarships. Graduates will be required to check particular sections of their Graduation Statement on the Graduations Channel on OASIS when they register online to receive their award certificate.

Every effort is made to ensure that your Graduation Statement is correct and accurate and all graduates will be required to check particular sections of their Graduation Statement on the Graduations Channel on OASIS when they register online to receive their award certificate. However, if you find that there is an error on the Graduation Statement once it is received, such as a misprint or missing information, please contact the Graduations Office.

You will be required to return your original before receiving a replacement.

Graduates will receive a Graduation Statement for each award they receive. This means that graduates of a combined program leading to two eligible awards will receive two Graduation Statements.

Additional copies of a Graduation Statement will be available for purchase. Further details will be posted as they become available.

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List of Scholarships and Special Achievements included in the Graduation Statement


Note: Only merit based scholarships awarded as part of a competitive process and administered by the Curtin University Scholarships Office will be included on the Graduation Statement.

Special Achievements

Ordering Graduation Documents

You can order replacement Academic Transcripts (on official Transcript paper), Graduation Statements, or True Copies of your Award in person from the Student Service Centre on Bentley campus. You may also be able to request to order your Academic Transcript online via the Official Document Requests link under the Quickforms channel in your OASIS account. The document fees webpage covers details of the cost of ordering these documents.

Please note: you can download and email or print an unofficial Academic Transcript (Academic eRecord) via eStudent in OASIS.

If you have a sanction or exclusion placed on their record (e.g. outstanding fees, library fines) will not be able to access your results or be provided with an Academic Transcript until you have cleared the sanction or exclusion. For more information please contact the

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Congratulations to our new graduates!

New Graduates

As a Curtin graduate you are now a member of the Curtin Alumni community, which consists of over 200,000 talented and inspirational alumni worldwide.

Don't forget to check if you are eligible to complete the Graduate Outcomes Survey!