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Latest News

Deadline to correct formal name for Semester 2, 2018 students is 10 January 2019

Semester 2, 2018 students have the opportunity to change or correct their formal name.

Please complete the following steps:

1.   Complete the Change of Personal details form

2.   Include certified copies of supporting documentation (one document from the primary list and one from the secondary list - eg. passport and driver’s licence showing the full legal name on both documents). Documents must be certified and stamped by a Pharmacist, or Dentist or Doctor or Justice of the Peace, or a Commissioner or Declarations or a member of University Staff.

Alternatively, the original documentation can also be certified by the Graduations Office. A certified translation must be provided for any documents not written in English.

For more information on how to certify a document visit: Certification of Documents

3.   Return the documents to the Graduations Office either in person, or by fax or mail immediately. The Graduations Office do not accept the documents by email. If you are submitting the documents by fax or by mail, please contact the Graduations Office to ensure the documents have been received.

4. As your Award is due to be conferred, please return all documentation prior to 10 January 2019 to avoid being charged fees.

** Additional documents may be required for change of name due to marriage or a divorce – please contact the Graduations Office **

Limited extra ceremony tickets are on sale via OASIS from 15 January 2019 to 18 January 2019

Limited extra ceremony tickets (per graduate and per ceremony) for Perth graduation ceremonies to be held at Curtin Forum, Bentley Campus are available online through the graduation channel via OASIS.

Extra tickets are $AUD45 each. The graduation channel will open on Tuesday 15 January 2019 and close on Friday 18 January 2019 (unless sold out prior).

All graduates are guaranteed to receive their graduate ticket plus 2 complimentary guest tickets. PhD's will receive their graduate ticket plus 4 complimentary guest tickets. Additional tickets once purchased are non-refundable. Children 3 years old and above require tickets.

To purchase go to the graduations channel in OASIS from Tuesday 15 January 2019 to Friday 18 January 2019.

Please note: extra tickets are limited per graduate and per ceremony. Some ceremonies may sell out prior to the ticket sales closing date!


Graduation online registration now open

All graduates should check their Official Communication (OC) via OASIS for a message titled “Graduation Invitation – Registrations open Thursday 13 December 2018 to Thursday 10 January 2019 ”.

The OC outlines how to register to either attend a ceremony or receive your Graduation Document - including your Award Certificate, Academic Transcript and Graduation Statement by mail or collect.

All graduates must register by the deadline 10 January 2019 to receive the graduation document.

An OC will not be sent if you have a sanction.

If you have not received your graduation invitation OC by 4 January 2019 please contact the Graduations Office.


To register log onto OASIS, click on the ‘mystudies’ tab, then click on the link ‘Graduations Online Registration’.


Sanctions: Sanctions must be paid by 8 January 2019 so it can be cleared by 10 January 2019 deadline to be eligible to receive an invitation and register online via OASIS by the deadline 10 January 2019.

Changes to formal name and updating preferred mailing address in OASIS: 10 January 2019.

Registration: 10 January 2019. Late registration fees will apply.


If you require an Academic Transcript or Letter of Course Completion for employment purposes prior to this time please contact the Student Service Centre by email: or 1300 222 888 to purchase a copy.

PLEASE NOTE: All graduates have continued access to their OASIS OCC channel after completion of their degree.