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Latest News

Registration to receive your award certificate at a graduation ceremony or by mail - Opens 11 July 2019 and closes 2 August 2019

The Graduations Office will send eligible students a Graduation Invitation OC (Official Communication) via OASIS from 11 July 2019. This invitation clearly outlines the online graduation registration process. If you do not receive a Graduation Invitation OC by 26 July 2019 please contact your school to ensure you are eligible to graduate.

Graduation invitation will not be sent if you have a sanction. All sanctions must be paid by 26 July 2019 and cleared by 2 August 2019 in order to be eligible to receive an invitation and register online via OASIS by 2 August 2019.

To receive your Graduation documents (Award Certificate, Academic Transcript and Graduation Statement) you must register online by 2 August 2019. During registration you can choose to either attend a ceremony, or receive your Graduation documents by mail. If you do not register online by the deadline your Graduation documents will not be produced. Late fees will apply.

Deadline for students and schools to advise the Graduations Office of any changes to formal name is 2 August 2019. Deadline for students to update preferred mailing address in eStudent is 2 August 2019. Please contact the Graduations Office of any changes to formal name prior to the deadline.

If you require an Academic Transcript or Letter of Course Completion for employment purposes prior to this time please contact the Student Service Centre by email: or 1300 222 888 to purchase a copy.

PLEASE NOTE: All graduates have continued access to their OASIS OCC channel after completion of their degree.