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How do I view my Curtin Extra Certificate?

Students who have participated in Curtin Extra approved programs from 2014 onwards will be able to view their Curtin Extra eRecord and order the Curtin Extra Certificate by logging on to OASIS.

About Curtin Extra

The Curtin Extra Certificate was launched in Semester One 2014. It provides official recognition and evidence of significant involvement in co-curricular programs contributing to University life and the personal and professional development of the student.

For the Curtin Extra Policy and Procedures visit the Policy and Procedures website.

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Content of the Curtin Extra Certificate

The Curtin Extra Certificate includes the following information in relation to each approved program:

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Propose a program

Staff who would like to propose a co-curricular program for consideration can complete a Curtin Extra program nomination form [.pdf].

All programs must provide detailed evidence regarding the significant level of involvement by students and how the proposed program assists students in developing skills associated with the Curtin graduate capabilities.

The Curtin Extra Certificate Committee will review the completed nomination forms and advise if the program has been approved for inclusion on the Curtin Extra Certificate.

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Curtin Extra Committee

The Curtin Extra Committee meet regularly to review trends and developments relating to the Curtin Extra Certificate, provide advice as to future expansions, and serve as the review board for proposed activities to be included on the Certificate.

The Curtin Extra Committee comprises of the following, or their nominees:

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Responsibility for record keeping

Program sponsors are responsible for maintaining accurate, complete, and up-to-date data on student involvement in approved programs.

This data should be recorded in a secure corporate application. Should students identify that information currently recorded about their involvement in approved programs is inaccurate or incomplete, program sponsors are responsible for rectifying this information in a timely manner.

Program sponsors are also responsible for maintaining accurate, complete, and up-to-date information on programs on any relevant Curtin webpages.

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Dates and deadlines

At the end of each semester a deadline date will be set, which all approved club/organisations on campus must enter student participation details. A student's participation must be entered onto their record by the deadline.

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Congratulations to our new graduates!

New Graduates

As a Curtin graduate you are now a member of the Curtin Alumni community, which consists of over 200,000 talented and inspirational alumni worldwide.

Don't forget to check if you are eligible to complete the Graduate Outcomes Survey!