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Wearing and collecting regalia

What should I wear to my ceremony?

Graduates must wear academic regalia to cross the stage at a graduation ceremony. As this is a formal occasion graduates are asked to wear neat business attire under their academic regalia.

Undergraduate and postgraduate regalia

Undergraduate and postgraduate graduates attending a ceremony wear a black robe, a coloured sash (determined by discipline), and a black mortarboard with black tassel worn on the left side. Mortarboards are compulsory for Masters graduates and optional for other graduates (excluding Associate Degree graduates). Although for some graduates it is optional to wear the mortarboard, the majority of students do choose to wear it.

Masters regalia

Master degree graduates are distinguished from other graduates by a gold tassel on their mortarboard.

Doctoral regalia

Doctoral graduates wear a burgundy cloth robe with a black braided sleeve decoration and the headwear is a black Tudor bonnet. The full set must be worn to receive your award.

How do I order my graduation regalia?

Graduates should order regalia online after registering to attend a ceremony through the OASIS Graduations channel on the my studies and eVALUate tab. Regalia must be ordered prior to registration deadline and late fees will apply for late orders. Regalia prices may vary slightly according to the course studied. For all prices please contact Curtin's regalia supplier, GFP Graduations.

Curtin staff

Curtin staff members who wish to be part of the Stage Party are required to wear academic regalia. Please contact GFP Graduations directly to organise hire of Curtin regalia.

When and where do I collect my regalia?

Regalia collection details will be included in your Final Confirmation Official Communication (sent to your OASIS account). If you have hired your regalia you must return it to the regalia supplier after the ceremony. For more information about when and where to collect your regalia, please see the Ceremony day information for your ceremony location.

How to wear Curtin academic regalia

Please view the How to Wear [.pdf] instructions.

Sash and hood colours

These colours distinguish each discipline and are expressed in terms of the British Colour Council Dictionary of Standard Colours, 1951 for academic dress.

Agriculture - Eau-de-Nil Architecture - Claret Arts - Smalt Business - Azalea
Education - Violet Engineering - Pastel Yellow Health Sciences - Powder Blue Mining - Chartreuse Yellow
Pharmacy - Fuschia Science - Spectrum Green Social Work - Egg-shell Blue  


Sash chart

Sash Chart


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