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Curtin University

What you need to know now

Curtin Alumni

As a graduate of Curtin University you are now automatically a valued part of our alumni network, being a Curtin Alumni is free and for life.

For more information about being a member of Curtin Alumni please visit the Curtin Alumni website.


The Curtin Careers Centre promotes, supports and encourages the career development and employment needs of Curtin University students by delivering a trusted, valued service that is focused and forward thinking.

Please visit Curtin Careers Centre website for more information.

Australian Graduate Survey/Curtin Graduate Survey (Sarawak and Singapore)

The Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) and Curtin Graduate Survey Sarawak (CGS) are open to those who studied at or via an Australian campus, the Curtin Sarawak campus, or the Curtin Singapore campus. Graduates are invited to complete the survey around four months after the completion of their course. Survey results are used by Curtin and Government departments as key performance indicators, against which Curtin's performance is measured. Results are also used to improve Curtin courses.

Please register and check your eligibility to receive the survey. It will be emailed to you when available. Upon completing the survey:

Please see the AGS Terms and Conditions. If you have any further queries please contact the Curtin Surveys office.

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Congratulations to our new graduates!

New Graduates

As a Curtin graduate, you are now one of over 164,000 strong Curtin Alumni.

Don't forget to check if you are eligible to complete the Graduate Outcomes Survey!